The Importance of Having the Right Home Office Furniture

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When the Covid-19 pandemic began, office employees transitioned to work from their home. Knowing that the situation would continue indefinitely, they prepared for the long haul by investing in home office furniture. Unfortunately, these individuals often chose furniture that complemented the décor in their home, not their body. After 5 months, that pretty velour chair has become a real pain in the neck—literally. Having the right home ergonomic office furniture makes a real difference in how you feel and how well you work. And you can get it all for your home office.

What Are Ergonomics?

Definition of ergonomics

1: an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely (Merriam-Webster)

Ergonomic furniture is designed based off extensive research of the human body. When used correctly, it keeps the body in proper alignment, which reduces the likelihood of contracting irreversible musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). That back, shoulder, neck and/or wrist pain you’ve been feeling? That’s the start of a potentially life long problem. By using the right furniture to help your body, you can avoid pain on a daily and life-long basis.

The average worker sits for 8 hours a day,
5 days a week. That's approximately

0 Hours
seat icon

Of Sitting Per Year.

This is a serious problem because the human body isn’t engineered for sitting—we were made to move. By sitting so consistently, you only do your body harm, especially with that cute pink chair you bought from Home Goods or Pottery Barn. Chairs like this aren’t designed to support the body. Not even a little bit.

On the other hand, ergonomic chairs are designed to provide maximum support your spine. They encourage correct posture, give lumbar support, arm support with arm rests and some models even provide headrest cushion. While they might looks “corporate” in your home, they provide unmatched comfort and protect your body from MSDs. And don’t forget your child going to school virtually! They are sitting all day, too, and having an ergonomic chair will support their overall health as well.

Why You Should Incorporate A Sit-Stand Workstation Into Your Home Office


We’ve already covered that sitting is bad for your body, so what’s actually best for your body?


Think about it, humans walk on 2 legs for a reason. The best thing you can do for your body is to get up, stand, and walk. Years ago, this would have seemed impossible for the average desk worker, but ergonomic experts have found the solution: sit-stand workstations.

Sit-stand workstations raise and lower your monitor and keyboard to your preferred height, so you can sit or stand, as you prefer. They are proven to increase blood flow, positivity, and energy while keeping those nasty MSDs at bay. You also don’t have to get rid of the desk you have to incorporate a sit-stand workstation into your home office. There are plenty of models that work with your current setup.

Give Your Hands A Hand


Close up of girl's hands as she types on a computer next to her cell phone

Arthritis and carpal tunnel don’t just happen to little old ladies who knit all day. This condition is affecting more and more people prematurely, particularly those who have desk jobs. Small repetitive movement, like typing and mouse clicking, are the catalysts for developing these illnesses. You can prevent arthritis and carpal tunnel simply by using ergonomic home office products.

Split keyboards put your hands into the most natural position for typing, reducing the strain on your musculoskeletal system. Wrist rests are also excellent for providing cushioned support for your hands. These allow for better blood flow and comfort while you work all day.

How To Set Up Your Best Ergonomic Home Office

The ergonomic chair and the sit-stand workstation are the two most important pieces of office furniture you can have for your home office. But the ergonomics don’t stop there! Follow these easy tips use these products to maximize your working from home experience:

1. Monitors Matter

Keep your monitor screen an arms length away from you. This will reduce your eyestrain. Also make sure to position your monitor perpendicular to the window(s). This is the best position to reduce glare from the light both on your screen and directly into your eyes.

2. Flat Feet Are A Good Thing

In addition to correct posture, you’ll want to have your feet flat on the ground while seated. If you are on the smaller side, an ergonomic footrest is the way to go. It improves circulation, prevents numbness, increases energy levels and helps to reduce back pain.

3. Headset Help

Headsets are exceptionally helpful because they free your hands and reduce the strain on your neck when you take a call. With wireless options you can walk around your home office or entire home while carrying full conversations. With so many companies switching to virtual meetings, headsets are also invaluable for teleconferencing and VOIP.

4. Make Sure You Move!

Even with a sit-stand workstation, make sure that you take time to get up and walk around or do some stretching. This will improve your circulation and boost your energy levels. The more you move throughout the day the healthier you’ll be and the better you’ll feel.

Your work and body shouldn’t suffer just because you have the wrong furniture. You can change it in an instant when you choose Benjamin Office Supply. Andy Stern’s Office Furniture Division is filled with local office furniture experts who’ve been serving the DMV for generations. When you work with Andy, he’ll make sure that you get exactly what your home office needs with the style you desire.

Get the furniture your home office needs at a price you can afford.

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