The tops trends in promotional products in 2024 all focus on strategically choosing items that represent your brand’s core values while also connecting with those of your clients, customers, and employees and adding value to their lives. Think of providing an experience rather than simply a tangible product.

Experiential marketing campaigns have long been popular, but recent years have proven just how essential they are. While incorporating experiential elements may seem daunting, there are many simple yet impactful ways to do so in ways that keep up with the changing preferences of both consumers and professionals. Get ready for 2024 by taking a cue from the following trends:

  • Resurgence of travel and travel-inspired items
  • Growing emphasis on remote and hybrid work environments
  • Increased focus on brand purpose and sustainability
  • Thinking out of the box by kitting items to create themed packages of promo items

We’ve curated a list of some of our favorite custom-branded items sure to make your 2024 sing. Whether you are searching for a specific item or simply exploring new ideas, look no further than Benjamin Promo for your all-in-one source for promotional products and corporate gifts. We leverage our extensive knowledge to offer customized and relevant recommendations for you while providing top-notch quality, fast delivery, and competitive pricing that accommodates all budgets.


The year 2024 will witness an increasing yearning for experiential travel and immersive journeys. In response to this demand, we will see a rise in personalized travel products that are sure to make every adventure unforgettable. Among these products are sturdy bags suited for all kinds of outings, and self-care items designed to help people take a moment to recharge. The promotional products industry is set to play a crucial role in these evolving travel tales, melding the desire for wanderlust and discovery.

Remote and Hybrid Work Environments

As remote and hybrid work arrangements continue to develop, the demand for promotional products that cater to the work-from-home environment remains strong and is even increasing. These products offer an exclusive opportunity for brands to build genuine connections with their employees, regardless of where they work. From essential work-from-home tools to tech and computer accessories, the possibilities for promotional items are endless.

Sustainable Product and Planet Mindset

These days, it’s not the product itself that matters, but the story it tells and the values it embodies. The trend of customers investing in brands that share their core values keeps growing, putting brands that prioritize social responsibility and eco-friendliness in the limelight. Reusable, recycled, and ethically sourced items are top of mind. But it isn’t just customers who care about this. Clients and employees are also more and more invested in social responsibility and eco-friendliness.

To keep up with this shift, brands must focus on authentic storytelling that highlights their dedication to social causes and eco-friendly practices. One way to do this is to offer sustainable and eco-friendly products that appeal to consumers, clients, and employees and reflect a commitment to environmental responsibility.

For Clients

Your clients are your most loyal and invested customers and, as such, should get plenty of recognition for helping you keep the lights on and the business in, well, business. Giving back to them is good business sense as well as good form because it shows you value them.

For Employees

If anyone deserves a gift, it’s your employees. There is no business without the people who put in the time, energy, and talent to keep it going. Remind them that you appreciate them and all their hard work. Depending on your bottom line and number of employees, it may not be feasible to get each person something extravagant. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get them something meaningful. And you should!

For Customers

For there to be a profit for your business, there obviously needs to be buyers demanding your supply of goods and services. Thankfully, customers are willing to fit the bill there. And it’s a good thing they do, because without them, you’d be sitting with a whole lot of product and time on your hands and no income coming in to pay your employees and expenses. Show them you care about them with thoughtful gifts that say ‘thank you.’

For Giveaways

It’s undeniable that we all have a soft spot for freebies, particularly if they serve a purpose, such as a pen. This is why offering giveaways is a smart approach to converting potential customers into loyal ones. Furthermore, the giveaways need not be extravagant or costly. A simple pen or a small notebook can have a significant impact as an effective marketing tool while also creating a positive relationship with the recipient.

Kitting Opportunities

What do we mean by kitting opportunities? Kitting is the process of carefully selecting and curating themed packages of promotional products and assembling them into a collection that conveys a specific story or aligns with a particular event or campaign. Think of them as promotional goody bags. These thoughtfully composed gifts offer a unique and personalized touch, providing a lasting and impactful way to connect with recipients.

To further enhance the experience, brands may also consider partnering with other companies whose values they align with to create goody bags that combine multiple products to create a cohesive theme. Want to take it a step further and boost your social responsibility cred? Consider partnering with charitable organizations, supporting local communities, or integrating fair-trade practices to create promotional packages that give back.

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