Do you want to make a splash with your customers in a way that shows you put them front and center? Looking ahead to 2024, customers will be seeking unique, fun, and unconventional ways to engage with both new and familiar brands. Is your marketing plan prepared to meet that desire?

High-quality promotional items are an excellent marketing and branding tool to improve customer experience and show your customers you appreciate their investment in your brand and products. At Benjamin Office Supplies, the process of creating promotional products is easy. All you need to do is upload your artwork to our site.

Before you rush off the brand a whole bunch of products, however, have a strategy in place. Do these products do the following:

  • Show you are forward-thinking
  • Show you consider the needs of your customers
  • Present your brand in the best light
  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence
  • Add value to your customers’ lives

When choosing promotional items, consider your brand identity and how you want to present it to the world while also considering your customer pain points and what would make their lives easier and more enjoyable. The following are some ideas to consider when choosing your promotional products.


Clothing is still one of the best ways to convert your customers into walking billboards for your brand and promoting it to the world. Casual caps and t-shirts to activewear like golf polos and fishing shirts, and outerwear to office wear, Benjamin Office Supply offers myriad clothing and accessory options to suit any lifestyle. All you need to do is pick your product and upload your artwork.

Think Outside the Box

Honestly, as handy as they are, does anybody need another coffee mug? The coffee mug has been such a go-to item (and understandably so, to an extent) that it’s become a ‘ho hum’ kind of promotional product that doesn’t demonstrate to your clients you’ve put a lot of thought into the process. Think of how much more memorable your brand will be if you think outside the box with the promotional products that say ‘fun and games’? There’s enough stress and bad news to go around. Lighten it up with promo items that infuse a sense of fun and whimsy into the world.

Work/Life Balance

All work and no play is a surefire recipe for burnout and dissatisfaction, especially with a job. Companies and brands who recognize that people have a life outside of work and who encourage them to enjoy it demonstrate that they understand how vitally important it is for all of us to find a work-life balance. And let’s be honest – everyone appreciates weekends and vacation time. Make their time away from work a little easier and more enjoyable with something as simple as a travel tumbler or a cooler bag (bonus points in both cases because they are eco-friendly and show you value them AND sustainability).

Self-care is also top of mind these days. Consider offering promotional products that help them take better care of themselves.

Get Outside

In keeping with the self-care and outdoor living themes, give your customers a gentle nudge to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors.

For Employees with Fur Babies

This is definitely something out of the box, but a LOT of people have pets, and if you are a lifestyle brand (or a pet –focused brand), a little something for the fur babies goes a long way. People love their pets. And they love keeping their pets happy. Help them along in that pursuit.

For Those on the Move

Travel is back, and so is the need for travel products. But you don’t have to leave town to need a means to carry things. People are also back at it with their fitness routine, not to mention they always need bags for their groceries. From duffels to gym bags to computer bags to totes, help your customers carry their stuff to and from whatever their destination may be.

The Stalwarts

Yes, we did say that coffee mugs are a bit overused, but they are still handy. So are items such as notebooks, pens, and mouse pads. There are good reasons why brands choose these items for their promotional products – they get a lot of mileage and also typically travel with a customer, which creates more opportunities for the outside world to learn about your brand. While people DO use their phones for more than a few tasks, such as keeping to-do lists, they also appreciate the option of writing things down on a tangible piece of paper with an actual writing utensil, especially when they are using said phone and can’t be typing a note while having a conversation on it.

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