safe work environment ppe

In order to maintain a safe work environment, it is essential to ensure that all employees have access to personal protection equipment (PPE). Such protection can protect employees and others from germs and viruses. During this trying time, it is essential to maintain a safe and protective environment to work in.  



Face masks are an important part of sustaining a healthy work environment. Face masks are essential for ensuring people are not being exposed to germs or contracting viruses from one other while in and around the workplace. Make sure the office always has face coverings on hand for anyone who may need one. 


Wipes minimize germs and limit the exchange of viruses with super-fast ease of use. Wipes can be used to sanitize many surfaces and can be made easily accessible in all areas of the workplace including personal offices, cubicles and workspaces. In addition, there are disinfectant wipes sensitive to human skin that can be used to sanitize hands and other exposed body parts. Having wipes on hand gives everyone the opportunity to clean as they need. 

sanitizers & dispensers 

Sanitizers and sanitizer dispensers allow for employees and the general public to clean their hands without having to take a trip to the bathroom, or when soap and water are not readily available. Hand sanitizers and dispensers allow for an immediate and efficient way to stay clean and prevent germs and viruses from being effective. 


Gloves help create a barrier between your hands and surfaces. Gloves can be an effective way to keep your hands and the items you are working with sanitary. They can easily be disposed of between uses and are ideal for anyone in the medical or food service industry. Having disposable gloves on hand allows employees a “fresh” set of hands with ease of use without worry on contamination. Benjamin is also conscious about the impact on our environment and make sure that we provide eco-friendly disposable alternatives.

infrared thermometers

Infrared thermometers are an important utility to have at the workplace. A quick temperature check can quickly and safely identify any possible threats of fever or sickness that can spread prior to entering the workplace. Infared thermometers are available that provide an instant and accurate body temperature reading, are easy to use handheld devices and provide settings for degree of C and F. 

Personal Protection Equipment is important for any workplace in order to ensure the safety and comfort for employees and the general public. Don’t find yourself without these necessary PPE items, stock up now.

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