personal space in the workplace

Keep your employees and customers safe by providing protective barriers, dividers and panels that help define personal space. These items create separation of space in collaborative environments where close contact is constant. These include desktops, reception areas, breakrooms, conference rooms, retail counters and more. Clear surfaces make it easy to communicate without being exposed to as many germs. Due to the uniqueness of your space, we have different barrier options to choose from to ensure continued safety.

countertop safety barriers

Countertop Barriers are freestanding and easy to move and reposition. This type of barrier is also best when you do not want to drill into a countertop or ceiling. They can be used in a variety of countertop settings and there are versions with and without a pass-through window. The pass-through option isn’t just for retail space either—conference rooms and desks can benefit from the pass-through as well if paperwork is being signed and passed from person to person.

mounted safety barriers

Mounted Barriers are a more permanent option than the countertop version and cannot be easily moved. There are versions with or without a pass-through window. A mounted barrier is a great option for areas with high traffic such as reception areas and cashier stations.

hanging safety barriers

Hanging barriers are lightweight and hang down from the ceiling or other overhead surfaces to provide protection without the countertop clutter. This option has a minimalistic appeal to it, but does require installation. It works great for areas where you are passing bulky items back and forth, such as at a restaurant or pharmacy.

workstation partitions & panels

Office partitions are another simple, effective way to divide space. The variety of heights and widths can establish open sightlines for a call center, or shield staff from distractions. The options here are endless and include items that can clamp to workstations as well as panels that are mobile with wheels.

classroom options

Many of the above options can work within a classroom setting. However, there are also desktop options designed specifically for student desks. These barriers sit on top of the desk and protect the student in the front as well as the sides. The desktop barrier can also fold flat for storage when not in use.

For locations where people come into close contact with each other, barriers and dividers are a must. Contact the Benjamin team today for a no obligation quote to best fit your personalized workspace needs!

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