office reconfiguration for COVID-19 & beyond

For years, Benjamin has been making office supplies procurement simple. Now our furniture division, Andy Stern’s Office Furniture, is making your transition back into the workplace after Covid-19 quick and easy. With 2 generations of office furniture expertise behind it, our local reconfiguration services are second to none!

How Can Andy Stern’s Office Furniture Reconfigure My Office?

Our furniture team has a plethora of tools at its disposal. If necessary we will use our CAD technology to accurately arrange existing and new furniture in the space. Plus, our partnership with top manufacturers gives us access to modern furniture and accessories inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. We will prescribe these essentials, as your workplace requires.

Every office is different, and each will require a unique reconfiguration approach.

How Big Is The Total Office Space?

At its simplest, reconfiguration is moving furniture and workstations so that all employees are a safe social distance of 6’ apart from each other. This requires ample space to be effective because the new arrangement must coincide with traditional safety standards (i.e., no blocked doorways or aisles). It’s unlikely that an entire workplace can be adjusted like so and still accommodate all employees when they return. It’s far more common that some of the existing furniture in the office can/will be moved.

Regardless of how much furniture will be moved in the reconfiguration, you won’t have to lift a finger! Our team has experienced installers and will maneuver all furniture professionally and precisely the first time.

What Kind Of Furniture Is In The Office?

The kind of furniture in your office absolutely matters in reconfiguration. The idea is to create healthy workspaces for employees, and how we do that is directly determined by what the existing workspaces are made out of.  

For example:  

If you have old school cubicles, it will be necessary to use mobile barriers and height increasing panels for cubicle walls. 

If you have an open layout design with shared desk space, we may have to get creative with different protective barriers & sneeze guards(We will help consult you in choosing the best ones to match your office aesthetic, discuss permanence options and order the correct sizes for a custom fit.

Office Redesign

Although Covid-19 took many businesses in the DMV for a ride, many business owners and office managers are taking advantage of the situation.  

Some look on the bright side: with employees working from home, they now have the space and time to redesign their office without disrupting the workday.  

Others want to ensure that their office is prepared for whatever comes after Covid-19—they want to make one change that affords them future flexibility so they never have to scramble for reconfiguration again.  

Businesses who have to relocate their office due to Covid-19 need a local partner they can trust to make their move go smoothly and design a new home.  

Whatever your reason for redesigning in this uncertain time, one thing is for certain: Andy Stern’s Office Furniture interior design team will deliver! 

Are you ready to get back to work safely and in style?
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