coffee & beverages: breakroom by the bottle

Obviously…coffee is important. Coffee keeps up energy and morale. Bottled water makes healthy hydration easy throughout the workweek. Having the essential breakroom beverages is key to productivity in your workplace. This is especially true for workplaces in the DMV.

From filters to pods, we keep your office coffee station and commercial office coffee machines stocked and ready to go.

But don’t limit your breakroom inventory to coffee. When you put in your next breakroom beverage order, make sure there’s a little something for everyone. Some of your employees may be tea connoisseurs or avid fans of popular drinks like La Croix sparkling water. We have all of those, too, and more!

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46% of all US workers claim they are less productive without coffee

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49% of workers admit to needing coffee while on the job

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The average office worker drinks about 1,000 cups of coffee/year

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When your breakroom needs coffee & beverages

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