Do you need to stock up on coffee for when your employees return to the office after Covid-19? No problem! Here at Benjamin Office Supply, we have a wide inventory of coffee brands, brew styles, and flavors to satisfy everyone. After all, you aren’t just ordering coffee—you’re stocking up your breakroom with energy, morale, and productivity!

Coffee For All!

Breakroom coffee isn’t as simple as it once was, and everyone has their favorite roast and flavor. But don’t worry! With the amazing coffee variety in our inventory, there’s a brew for everyone in your office.

Coffee’s Best Friends

While some of your employees prefer a simple cup of black coffee, there are those who like to include the works: creamer and sugar. Added flavor like hazelnut and French vanilla? Yes, please! The coffee condiments are just as essential as the coffee itself.

The Best Breakroom Brews

Having all the coffee ingredients without the supplies to brew it is like having all the wood for a house but no tools to build it with. Make sure your staff has everything they need to make that perfect cup every single time.

Coffee doesn’t just boost energy levels. It increases productivity and employee happiness. Having all the supplies to satisfy your entire staff all year round might seem difficult, but Benjamin makes it easy. In fact, since we cater to the businesses of the DMV, your local business gets our white glove next day, desktop delivery. Covid-19 might have made things seem different now, but The Benjamin difference is here to stay, delivering everything your business needs.

Do you have the coffee your staff is craving?

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