Many people can’t get through the day without at least one cup of coffee. And of those people, many will actually have up to three cups of coffee in a day! It’s a necessity, and one that we are here to help you provide to your workers. Take your breakroom to the next level with an in-office coffee service.

Bring the Coffee Shop to the Office

woman at the office drinking coffee in a mug while working at her laptop;

Improve your workplace efficiency by having a coffee service. Did you know that an outside coffee run can result in someone being away from the office for up to twenty minutes? Cut down on that time and bring the coffee shop to the office with your own coffee service. That way, employees can have their coffee fix onsite, resulting in less time wasted.

Efficiency through Desktop Delivery

Benjamin truck waiting on Delivery
With Benjamin’s Desktop Delivery, your coffee-related orders will be brought right to where they’re supposed to be stored, not abandoned on some far away unloading dock. We believe that white glove service should be the norm, not the exception.

Industries Served

A coffee service is not just for an office environment. Do you work at a car dealership? Offering someone a hot cup of coffee is a wonderful way to keep them in your showroom. What about a real estate agency? Having coffee available will help make that closing go swiftly and smoothly. What about your school’s faculty lounge? Providing your faculty and staff with high-quality coffee will ensure happy teachers teaching happy kids!

Products Available

From coffee machines to creamers and k-cups to whole beans, Benjamin Office Supply has what you need to deliver freshly brewed coffee. Don’t forget the eco-friendly cups, stirrers, and filters! Learn more about some Breakroom Innovations that Benjamin can provide for you.

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