The breakroom is more than just a friendly space, it’s the backbone of your workplace culture and *surprise* using it can be a way to boost productivity and efficiency at the office.

According to a survey reported by Tork:

“North American workers value their lunch breaks and feel more engaged and productive when they make the time to take a lunch break every day.”

Plus, breakrooms can increase collaboration, inspire creativity and improve the overall well-being of your staff.

But how do you get your dedicated team to stop and take a much needed break? By creating a breakroom that is comfortable, welcoming and well-stocked with these tips.

1. Embrace Office Design

The office breakroom shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be a highlighted feature. It might not feel like it’s worth spending more energy on; after going through the office design process do you really need to revamp the breakroom? Well, consider this…are your employees using the breakroom as it is? If not, a quick facelift from a simple office reconfiguration or more modern office furniture could make the space more inviting.

2. Stock Up On Goodies

It goes without saying that you’ll need coffee…lots of coffee…to keep most employees happy in the breakroom, but what about all those other cabinets – what should go in those? Pack extra snacks and beverages onto counters to give mid-day energy boosts to employees and provide another reason to tear away from work and head to the breakroom.

3. Make It Fun

Taking breaks from work may seem counterproductive, but that mental time off could give employees the time and space to finally solve that problem they’ve been working on. Add puzzles and board games to the breakroom (or maybe even a full-fledged game room) to encourage your team to slow down and enjoy time together.

compostable-takeout containers

4. Choose Eco-Friendly Disposables

People care more about the environment than they used to, many of whom could be your employees. Swapping out your disposable items for more eco-friendly alternatives is one way to show them that you care, too, and are invested in making changes to positively impact the environment. Try finding ways to get them involved, with recycling competitions or volunteer days, that are both team building and will bring a positive outlook to their work.

Make your breakroom into a place that employees genuinely want to hang out in, and discover the many benefits of having a happier, better rested workplace.

Not sure where to start? Our expert staff can help. As a local business, Benjamin Office Supply is proud to be your go-to office beverage supplier, office designer & breakroom problem-solver for the local DC Metro community.

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