Creative Storage Solutions for Your Business

For 2022, looking for new ways of maximizing space within the workplace is key. This is where creative storage solutions come into play. Creative storage solutions can take on several forms from corkboards, shelving units, and literature folders. At Benjamin Office Supply, our products can help serve as successful creative storage solutions for your workplace. Here’s some creative storage solutions that can benefit your business in 2022.



Corkboards are a simple yet efficient method of organizing personal documents. They can also help create structure by filing documents according to date, color, or project. Having a straightforward yet unique method of accessing your information can help you manage your time more efficiently. Consider a corkboard to help you keep track of noteworthy information and keep any personal items secure.


Woman opening a cabinet

Cubbies are a portable and compact tool in organizing and maintaining storage. Cubies can help to store personal belongings and keep them safe. They can also help to reduce clutter and maintain personal workplace organization for employees. The addition of cubbies can allow workers to store important work projects out of harm’s way. If you are looking for a modern and easy to use storage solution, cubbies are a recommended choice.

Shelving Units

Storage Units & Cabinets

Shelving units can help organize items you frequently need in your workspace. They are ideal for keeping personal belongings safe and minimizing clutter. Shelving units are portable and easy to use, making them a simple yet effective addition to your space. They also come in a variety of styles that can fit your office décor or aesthetic. If you are considering a way to manage your personal work storage, shelving units come suggested.

Literature Folders


Literature folders are a unique way of organizing paperwork and information. Their creative displays can help you organize by color, date, or project. This can make it easier for you to keep track of priority assignments and maintain easier access to documents. As a step-up from the traditional model, literature folders can keep you organized and on task in a creative fashion.

Which Storage Option is Best for You?

For every workplace, the storage needs are different. With these creative storage options, no matter your industry, your office can become more organized and efficient than ever before. With Benjamin Office Supply’s selection of office products and furniture, we can point you in the right direction.

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