Benjamin Supply Breakroom Innovations

Breakrooms are universally utilized. They’re a meeting room, a lunchroom, a coffee room, an “I need five minutes away from my desk” room. Having the right supplies and products will keep your employees satisfied and productive. Benjamin Office Supply has everything you’ll need to get back on track when your employees return to the office. We carry sustainable and inventive items from renewable sources such as molded fiber, plant starch, and compostable materials. We provide cutlery, trays, aluminum containers, lids, and steam table pans. At Benjamin, we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly and forward-thinking line of supplies. The Breakroom tends to be a frequently used space for employees so making sure it is well-supplied is essential. 

Breakroom Layout

Employees talking in the breakroom

Office layout and design are always shifting with the times. Our Furniture branch, Andy Stern’s, has a track record of high-quality office design that can adapt to industry needs. Ample seating, charging spots, and table space assist in your environment’s optimal flow. When coordinating the breakroom layout, having a comfortable space ensures employees are recharging effectively. An effective breakroom layout specializes in both comfort and productivity.  

Breakroom Furniture

Lounge Area

Not only does having the right layout for your breakroom matter, but so does having the right furniture. Having mobile tables, open style cabinets, or even garbage chutes are effective fittings. Having ergonomic seating options can improve posture, reduce neck or back pain, and protect against musculoskeletal disorders. Supplying yourself with the latest furniture options can positively affect performance and comfort. At Benjamin Supply, we are well equipped to get you started with quality furniture choices. 

Keeping Your Breakroom Well-Stocked

Cheetos Snacks

The right brands and supplies matter for your breakroom, a well-stocked selection is very much key these days. We stock notable food and beverage brands like Chobani, Lean Cuisine, V8, Green Mountain, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and many more. With a dynamic assortment of products, these brands will cover all the bases and appeal to your employees’ diverse tastes. Having a variety of options in your breakroom is another way to ensure happiness in the workplace.  

Breakroom Technology 


Breakroom technology is constantly evolving and serves several uses in your workplace. Some signature supplies include contactless water coolers, air fryers, toaster ovens, and gourmet coffee machines. Products like these are a part of the current trend of top-of-the-line options for the workplace and provide a unique approach to the breakroom. Consider integrating these technologies into your workplace to ensure you are staying current and covering all bases.  

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