electrostatic disinfection & its effectiveness

Clean, disinfected surfaces provide peace-of-mind to both your employees and customers alike. Disinfection of high-touch points can help reduce the risk of spreading germs in the workplace. The traditional spray & wipe method is not the most efficient disinfecting method when dealing with larger spaces, oddly shaped surfaces or hard to reach areas. Studies have shown that the electrostatic disinfecting process is quick and highly efficient due to the full, even coverage it offers. The positively charged disinfectant bonds with the negatively charged surface allowing it to stick to the surface, wasting less disinfectant. 

cordless electrostatic handheld sprayer 

The handheld sprayer can be utilized for jobs that need to be done quickly. This lightweight sprayer is battery-powered which means no hassle of dragging a cord around. Spray less liquid and cover more surfaces to save time disinfecting! 

key features: 

  • Easy Fill HDPE 33.8oz refillable tank
  • Covers 2,800 sq ft in a single use
  • No hassle of dragging acord
  • Battery life run time is 11.3 minutes
Victory Sprayer Bundle
Victory Sprayer Nozzle

cordless electrostatic backpack sprayer 

The backpack sprayer is great for coverage of large areas. While larger than the handheld option, the tank is still removable and easy to fill. In addition, this item is also battery-powered allowing you to be completely mobile while disinfecting. Fill it up with your preferred disinfectant, throw it on your back and go!  


electrostatic accessories 

Accessories take your electrostatic sprayer experience to the next level! Additional nozzles, batteries and tanks ensure that you never have any downtime. Extension wands give extra reach for those hard-to-get areas. Also, don’t forget the disinfectant—we have many options depending on the surface types you will be spraying! 

Victory Battery
Victory Sprayer Tank
Multi-Nozzle for Sprayers
Electrostatic sprayers and accessories are a great addition to keeping a safe workplace environment. Get started today streamlining your cleaning process with the most efficient electrostatic disinfectant sprayers and products on the market!

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