what makes a safe workplace environment?

If your company is ready to return to work, you must ensure your facility is a safe place to do so. It is important to adhere to all protocols, but also just as important for your employees to feel safe as well. There are many products that help contribute to a safe workplace environment, from personal protection equipment to electrostatic sprayers. Keep reading to find out how your workplace can take advantage of these safe workplace practices and supplies.

barriers & dividers

Protect employees and customers from exposure to germs and bacteria by ensuring proper social distancing. You should provide protective barriers and dividers for those who are working in an environment highly populated with people, where there is a need for physical barriers to define space. Our mounting barriers, countertop barriers, hanging barriers and sneeze guards provide sustainable protection. These are great options for employees who are exposed daily to a vast population of people. The clear surface makes it easy to communicate and socialize with others without being exposed to any germs or viruses. Easy to use and durable for various work environments.

electrostatic sprayers

You can help your businesses, employees and patrons get back their sense of normalcy with electrostatic sprayers. Our electrostatic sprayers provide efficient, even spraying and disinfect spaces rapidly. Our sprayers represent the cutting edge of disinfectant chemical application solutions. This is an efficient way to minimize germs and optimize employee safety in the work environment.


There are various janitorial supplies that are available to keep the work environment safe for employees. From air cleaners to disinfectants, Benjamin Office Supply has it all. It’s important to utilize these products to ensure the work environment is safe and clean for employees as well as the general public.

ppe (personal protection equipment)

In order to maintain a safe work environment, it is essential to ensure that all employees have access to personal protection equipment (PPE). Such protection can protect employees and others from germs and viruses. During this trying time, it is essential to maintain a safe and protective environment to work in. 

create a safer workplace

Maintaining a safe work environment where employers and employees work together for the greater good of all lends to a happy one. During these trying times, it’s essential to ensure your work environment and facilities are clean and safe for employees and others alike. Having certain materials and products make the work environment not only a safer place to work but also a more efficient place to be.

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