The Importance of a Well-Stocked Breakroom

Breakrooms are often the unsung heroes of office spaces. They provide a place for employees to unwind, refuel, and socialize. Investing in a well-stocked breakroom can greatly impact your workplace environment by keeping morale high, sparking spontaneous conversations between co-workers, and can even promote healthier eating habits. Stocking your breakroom with essentials to ensure your team can refuel and rejuvenate during their breaks, which can lead to better productivity and morale. It is simply a good strategic investment towards enhancing workplace performance and employee satisfaction.

What makes a breakroom great?

A superior breakroom goes beyond basic functionality, acting as a haven where employees can relax and rejuvenate. The core essentials to a great breakroom include:

  • Standard kitchen supplies like coffee makers, refrigerators, and microwaves
  • A robust stock of tea, coffee, and other beverages like bottled water
  • Comfortable and ample seating promoting restful breaks and informal meetings
  • Board games or books for more non-traditional breakrooms

Strategic arrangement and proper stocking can transform your breakroom into a preferred space for employees during their downtime. Benjamin has these supplies and more to stock your breakroom properly!

Coffee and other beverages

Coffee is king, and having a superior coffee and tea service can significantly contribute to making your office breakroom stand out. But it doesn’t have to end there. Providing a variety of beverage options, including a selection of high-quality bottled water, seltzers, and even healthful alternatives like fruit-infused waters or herbal drinks, demonstrates your company’s commitment to catering to everyone’s preferences. Beyond simply offering caffeine for a midday pick-me-up, these beverage choices cater to the unique tastes of your employees, allowing everyone to find their favorite drink. Ensure your team always has access to their preferred beverages, enhancing their breakroom experience and overall job satisfaction.

Fresh and Frozen Snacks

Benjamin believes in a modern breakroom. Gone are the days of sad empty break rooms with burnt coffee and one sad bag of expired pretzels. Enter fresh and frozen snack delivery!

From fluffy muffins, yogurts, and irresistible cookies to crisp vegetables with dip, Benjamin can transform your breakroom snack time even for the most for health-conscious team members.

Want to go the extra mile with your employees? Stock your breakroom with breakfast items for those perpetually late employees to ensure they are properly fueled for the day!

Grab-and-go snacks

For those rush moments when leisurely breaks are not an option, Benjamin Office Supply offers a wide range of grab-and-go snacks. These quick, convenient bites are perfect for employees on the move, allowing them to refuel without slowing down. Our selection includes pre-packaged snacks such as protein bars, trail mix, chips, and candy – all easy to carry, mess-free, and packed with energy or to satisfy that sweet tooth.

With these offerings, you can ensure that even your busiest team members have access to satisfying snacks that keep them energized throughout the day.

Go with Benjamin

As a one-stop solution for all office necessities, Benjamin Office Supply can help bring your ideal breakroom to life. With competitive pricing and prompt, trustworthy delivery service,

Benjamin can guarantee a fully stocked breakroom ready to serve as a space of relaxation for your employees. Trust us to stock your breakroom and assist in designing a space that will meet your needs.

As if that was not enough, Benjamin’s commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart from the competition with these other perks. Customers can expect:

  • Comprehensive assistance in everything from snack and beverage suggestions, purchasing assistance,
    and ordering assistance
  • Free, next day delivery
  • Desktop delivery- which means your items get placed by one of our drivers right where it belongs. Coffee in the breakroom, cleaning supplies in janitorial closets, etc.

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