Great businesses thrive on community and collaboration, but this will need to be rebuilt after months of employees working from home, alone. It’s going to be an adjustment to get everyone back to the office.

As an employer, there are ways you can help. Collaborative office furniture is built to connect colleagues, bring teams together and that sense of community.

Designers from Andy Stern’s Office Furniture recommend using modern office furniture and tools to encourage collaboration and make adjusting back to office life as easy as possible.

Bridge The Gap Between Coworkers

Things are settling down, but there is still much out of our control. How do you manage the expectations and uncertainties of how many people are in the office on any given day?

The latest in flexible office furniture does precisely that (making it one of the top office interior design trends for 2021). Modular office furniture comes in pieces which can be joined together or separated to create open meeting spaces for groups or connected desks for teams. Items from the “Bridges II” line at Global Office Products allow you to customize office desks and furniture layouts, giving you the freedom to adjust the workplace for collaboration and connection.

Create Comfortable Community Spaces

Having a conversation over coffee is a different connection than the one that happens in the conference room. On top of bringing coffee service to the breakroom, you’ll also need a seating area for colleagues to gather.

Employees who are used to the comforts of their home office furniture will seek out the cozy corners of couches and communal desk spaces for meetings. Select items from the modular “River” furniture collection to create a customized lounge area that naturally encourages collaboration.

Design Matters

Resi-Storage Lounge

Office design can provide practical solutions for employees returning to work, but it doesn’t have to stop there. For many of us, work is where we spend most of our time. The way you layout desks, the furniture you choose and overall aesthetic design will impact the day-to-day life of your colleagues.

Bright, airy designs can make the workplace feel lighter and more vibrant, sparking creativity. Safco’s “Resi” furniture manages a boho chic look that is professional and has practical design functions.

Collaborative Basics

Collaborative Office

End the frustration of waiting for an email response from colleagues by pairing teams together. These simple pieces from Links Contract Furniture can be used to create shared desk and workspaces amongst departments, eliminating communications barriers (and resulting delays) and boosting productivity.

Bring employees back to work in an office that’s designed for reconnection with Benjamin’s custom furniture design services and local office supplies.

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