Covid-19 took the world for the turn, especially the world of business (you can say that again!). Office jobs suddenly became remote, and those still in workplaces strategized a safe work-health balance. With a vaccine on the horizon and everyone acclimated to this new way of working, business owners have to decide how (and where) their employees will work in the New Year:

  • Have your employees worked well remotely? If so, can you save money on office rent by making all or a certain percentage of positions permanently remote?
  • If employees are returning fulltime to the office what must change in your workplace layout? How can it adapt to the new norms of working?
  • Is a hybrid solution best for your business? If some of your staff will continue working from home while others go back the office, how can you accommodate this new workplace ecosystem?

No matter how your staff works in 2021 (and beyond) the interior design, layout and features of your workplace will make a direct impact. These are the top 8 trends to implement into your office interior to better efficiency, collaboration and adaptability.

Co-workers Keeping Social Distance

1. Keep Up The Distance

To go the distance you gotta keep the distance. For some, this might mean continuing to work from home. For most, it means employees will work at a safe distance from each other in the office.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: But there’s a vaccine coming out, so why do we need to keep distance when we beat Covid-19?

This is as much about adaptability as it is about health safety. For the foreseeable future, maintaining social distance in the workplace will allow your staff to work safely. For the extended future, creating a layout that keeps employees at a collaborative, but safe distance promotes quick adaptability. It will ensure a smooth preparation and seamless transition to social distancing if there is a Covid-19 (or other illness) breakout in your office.

No time wasted. No fumbling to meet capacity percentages. No hassles.


The simplest, fastest and most efficient way to make this happen in your office is to use a professional reconfiguration service. Experts at interior design and space planning will be able to take accurate measurements of your workplace and arrange furniture for maximum space and employee count. They will also be able to prescribe the best solutions for workplaces that cannot meet social distancing requirements.

In short, reconfiguring your office now for 2021 will save you time and increase your employees’ productivity in the future. Who doesn’t want that?!

If your business is located in the District, Maryland or Virginia, we can help!

Open Layout Office

2. Modify Your Office For An Open Layout

Want to take your office reconfiguration to the next level? Embrace the open layout! Although some business owners and office managers were concerned about the practicality of this system with the pandemic, it actually has many benefits. With the proper precautions, you can use this layout to your advantage, no matter what virus is circulating and here’s why:

  1. They’re easier to clean. Your janitorial team needs to consistently disinfect all workplace surfaces. Office furniture arranged in an open layout lends itself to an easy and thorough cleaning.
  2. Open layouts are known for their flexibility. If you have to space employees away from each other, this arrangement can accommodate repositioning of workstation easier.
  3. Ventilation is key to eliminating the “fishbowl” effect of office space. Open layouts have much better circulated air than traditional, enclosed cubicles. Just open the window and breathe the fresh, germ-free air.
  4. Even Elon Musk has trouble spacing people out (Bah dum tis!). No worries! This arrangement of workstations easily lends itself to reconfiguration with the use of barriers. Just put them up when you need them and put them away when it’s safe.

Want to update to open? Our furniture division, Andy Stern’s Office Furniture, will take care of it!

Social Distancing barrier

3. Barriers Are Totally In

Barriers are awesome and they’re going to be everywhere in 2021. Barriers and sneeze guards can be mounted, freestanding or hanging, as each workstation needs. Different sizes ensure that you’ll always find the right fit for each workstation in your office.

But if we beat Covid-19, why will a workplace need barriers in the future?

  1. They can be put away and stored for future use. You can put them away in the summer and then take them back out in the fall to protect your employees from the Flu.
  2. Some barriers come in frosted or cloth designs, and these are the ones you might want to keep as standard interior design elements. Business owners looking for some professional pizzazz will find that this is exactly what they’re looking for. In an open layout, they create private workspaces for focus, while maintaining collaboration.

Looks great. Works awesome. Helps keep employees healthy…That’s a win!

Flexible Furniture

4. Flexible Furniture Makes A Quickly Adaptable Office

Your employees have adapted how they work. Your office should be adaptable, too! The right office furniture is essential to an easy social distancing transition for Covid-19, Flu and whatever comes next. If furniture is outdated, rigid and heavy, you’ll be right back where you were in April—scrambling for a solution. No one wants to go through that again.

In the wake of Covid-19, top office furniture manufacturers have been designing furniture that can meet the needs of any situation. The furniture literally is flexible.

  • Need to move it to the other side of the room? Easy.
  • Need to create height with panels or barriers. It’s made for it.
  • Want to combine workspaces for a cubicle-collaborative design? Done!

Investing in new, quality furniture that can meet any aesthetic and rise to any circumstance will save you time, energy and money in the long run.

We partner with these forward-thinking manufacturers and can help you select the best office furniture for your flexible workplace.

Woman on Video Conference

5. Goodbye Conference Room, Hello Videoconference Room

With more people working remotely, staying connected is more important now than ever. No matter which videoconferencing platform your company prefers, it’s going to stay a big part of how you do business.

Conference rooms are expected to accommodate this feature, and depending on your office, you may even have a room specifically for videoconferencing. This means that you’ll have to incorporate a large monitor or TV into your conference room, as well as reliable webcams, speakers and microphone technology. Sound proofing this new style of conference room and using frosted glass will also be essential to maintaining video and audio privacy.

With your new videoconference room up to date on the latest gear, you can ensure a clear call every time.

Not sure which videoconferencing platform is best for your business?

Social Distancing Floor Signs

6. Get Those Signs Up!

Keeping Covid-19 and other illnesses at bay is a top priority—and we want to keep it that way! This year, the big art trend isn’t a Renaissance Revival or Impressionist Inspiration. It’s signage. You’ll want to put those reminders to wash hands, wear a mask, wait your turn and walk this way all over your workplace. Put them up high with wall signs or down low with floor mats and decals. There’s a sign for everything, and we have them all here!

From dog-friendly offices to social distancing, office environments change all the time. Investing in new, quality furniture that can meet any aesthetic and rise to any circumstance will save you time, energy and money in the long run.

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