Going eco-friendly is more than a passing trend: it’s also good for business and valued by employees.

Eco-friendly offices can be more efficient, cheaper to run and, according to one study, can make employees more productive…all of which drives your overall costs down.

It also widens your talent pool, possibly for less money. A survey released in 2019 said that almost 40% of millennials had chosen their workplace based on the company’s sustainability policies and 75% said they’d even be willing to take a pay cut for it.

That alone is enough reason to become a more eco-friendly office, but how do you do it?

Start to revamp your workspace to be more sustainable and efficient with these tips.

1. Choose Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Breakroom Products

An Eco-friendly spoon, fork, and knife on a shiny clean table

Creating an awesome breakroom doesn’t have to be wasteful. From stocking up on coffee and beverages to using eco-friendly disposable alternatives, carefully choosing your breakroom supplies is one of the easiest ways to become more sustainable.


2. Maximize Your Space To Minimize Furniture Purchases

Clean, efficient office

The purpose of office design is two-fold: it makes your office space more beautiful and efficient. Office reconfigurations can enable you to make a switch to a smaller office space (reducing your carbon footprint and overhead costs) or restructure your current space to be more efficient.

3. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Cheap office furniture is a dime a dozen, but this cycle of replacing furniture every year or two is extremely wasteful. Instead, buy high-quality office supplies and furniture from a company you trust (who won’t sell you the cheap stuff).

4. Leasing Or Renting Furniture

Close-up on someone's desk at the office, swivel chair and laptop

The first rule of creating an eco-friendly office: reduce consumption. That goes for furniture and office supplies, too. While it often makes sense to buy office furniture outright, renting or leasing furniture is a great option if you’re looking for a temporary fix. Instead of buying cheap furniture that you plan to throw out in a year or two, choose renting furniture (short term) or leasing it (long term) for an eco-friendlier alternative.

5. Buy “Green” Furniture

If you are going to buy furniture, find “green” products that are made from eco-friendly materials or ones produced by companies with a commitment to sustainable production. Then, hold on to it for as long as you can.

6. Shop Local

Chalkboard at a local store thanking customers for shopping local

Most of us know that shopping locally supports our community, but did you know it’s also the most eco-friendly way to shop? Choosing a local Maryland office procurement business means shopping from your neighbor. This saves on both greenhouse emissions and packaging.

7. Reduce Electric Use

Eco-friendly thinking

Offices have notoriously high electric bills. They’re large spaces (which need to be heated and cooled) with many electronic devices that are always operating. Despite this, there is a way to lower your electricity use:

  • Dim screen lights during the day and turn them off completely when not in use.
  • Unplug chargers or electronics when they’re not in use. Or plug them into a surge strip and flip it off before you leave the office.
  • Swap out lighting to LED bulbs.
  • Install “energy star” rated appliances.

Going eco-friendly is an asset to your office, but it can be hard to make the necessary changes. Benjamin’s expert team can help you to make better choices, for you and the environment.

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