Buying Local with Benjamin

You hear it everywhere: Shop local and support small businesses. But “local” is more than what most people think. It’s more than the farmers market down the street. It’s more complex than the boutique one town over.

Local can reach across state lines and provide a number of services.

Local is the underdog that surprises the crowd with its agility and flexibility in the ring.

Local is the candidate that actually speaks from the heart, intimately understands the needs of its community and makes a true effort every day to support that community.

Local is Benjamin Office Supply & Services.

And we can do so much more for your business as your office procurement partner than those big box companies can hope to!

Free Next Day Desktop Delivery

1. Free Next Day Desktop Delivery

Desktop delivery is our white glove next day delivery service that brings your package exactly where you need it, so you don’t have to waste any time during your workday retrieving packages. Have an order of breakroom supplies? Then to the breakroom it goes! Ordered a new office chair? We’ll bring it right to the workstation. The other companies don’t have time to do this. We take the time, so you don’t waste your time. Our headquarters might be located in Rockville, MD, but your business in Maryland, Virginia or even Delaware will receive still receive this same convenience.

2. Better For The Environment

When you choose local, you’re instantly making your office more eco-friendly. Whether it’s by plane, train or truck, big companies have to ship all over the nation and all those miles leave BIG carbon footprints in their wake.

Sure, local businesses, like Benjamin, do have the capabilities to ship nationwide—after all, if your Virginia business has a satellite office in Tennessee, then you’d want the same great deals there too, right?—but because they choose to focus their attention and resources on a few close states, their delivery methods emit much less greenhouse gas.

Benjamin Proudly Serves the DMV with Nationwide Capabilities

3. Smaller Areas Served = Better Service

Big companies are spread too thin. Sure, they can show you a great selection, but all they can do is deliver your purchase to you—and we’ve already covered how limited (and bad for the environment) that is.

Let’s take office furniture for example.

Our furniture division, Andy Stern’s Office Furniture, has a selection that equals the big companies, but we ask you:

  • Will big companies help you install your purchases?
  • Will national businesses come on site and help you design your office space?
  • Will large corporations use CAD technology to determine the best fit of the furniture you want?

The resounding answer: No.

Will Andy Stern’s Office Furniture do all of that and more? Absolutely!

Custom Service

4. Local Companies Actually Care About Customer Service

To local businesses, customers aren’t just invoices—they are people. They are neighbors, friends and members of the same community. Local businesses, like Benjamin have the size and the innate empathy to deliver exactly what customers need and make it right when it isn’t. No only is our executive team accessible, but we are also dedicated total transparency and total convenience at ever level of our operation. It’s The Benjamin Difference and that’s just how we roll.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let our customer’s speak for themselves with their testimonials.

5. Buying Local Is Better For Your Local Economy

When you buy from big box companies your money goes to one place: their bank accounts. On the other hand, when you choose to bring your business to local endeavors, your hard earned money gets circulated back in your economy. Fellow residents of the DMV get paychecks that help them support families. When we pay our taxes, it goes to the benefit of the entire community: your schools have better budgets, your roads are well paved and your businesses thrive.

Plus—local businesses are often privy to incredible sales and deals! 

When you buy big, it benefits them. When you buy local, we supporting each other.

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