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What Your Child Needs For Their Virtual Classroom Setup

Although parents have begun to get used to working from their home offices, students might still be having trouble with their educational transition. In the classroom, they had ample resources at their disposal: a teacher to answer any question and clarify any lesson, other students to learn and bond with, countless resources in the school library, and in-person tutoring opportunities after class. Even the classrooms in school were specifically designed by each teacher to facilitate student learning.

With all of this taken away from your child’s learning experience, they might feel at sea in their new virtual classroom. But you can help change that! With the right setup, you can give your child a homeschool environment that complements their new norm of education, giving them the comfort and confidence to adapt and stay focused.

*The following product recommendations are best suited for students grade 8-12 and those in higher education.

Get Comfortable

Let’s face it, you already know that one of the biggest pains working from home is the lack of a good chair to sit on for hours a day (literally). It’s the same for your student! They might not be working to earn a living, but they are still sitting for hours on end working to earn an education. Kids are people, too, and the more comfortable they are, the better they’ll focus on their classwork.

Benjamin’s Recommendation:
HON Volt Series Task Chair

HON Volt Series Task Chair in Black

This basic task chair will immensely improve your child’s comfort at his home desk. Plus, it’s better for his body and overall health to use one because of the ergonomic qualities.

Listen Up!

With classes now online, students need to make sure that they can clearly hear the lesson the teacher has recorded or is live streaming.

Computer speakers are an excellent choice because they produce excellent sound. They also allow a parent to listen in on lessons if their child routinely needs learning assistance, help with homework…or making sure they’re paying attention to the class instead of watching videos on social media.

Students should also have computer headphones to listen in on virtual lessons at home. This way, they can quietly follow along with their classes without disrupting parents who might be working from home. Headphones also work the other way, blocking out household noises like vacuuming, little siblings, barking dogs, or dad’s game on TV.

Benjamin’s Recommendations:

S150 2.0 USB Digital Speakers

A pair of S150 2.0 USB Digital Speakers, Black

These speakers have USB plug-and-play, making them compatible with any computer. Not only do they have a great sound, but they include volume control and an instant mute button.


Hi-Fi Headphones

hi-fi headphones in black with a USB cable

These headphones have excellent sound with USB plug-and-play, making them compatible with any computer. The headset is designed for comfort with ear cushions and adjustable size.

Engage In Class

If the teacher chooses to use zoom for office hours, after class Q & A, or if your child needs to meet with a tutor virtually, they will need a webcam they can rely on for interaction. This is so the instructor can see and hear your child as well as your child can hear her. After all, teaching is a two-way process.

Benjamin’s Recommendations:

AllScreen Screen Cleaning Wipes

AllScreen Screen Cleaning Wipes

These alcohol and ammonia-free wipes are safe to use on all screens. With these, your student will never have the disorienting streaks on the screen when there’s a glare from the window. Plus, it’s great to have if there are younger kids in the house who like to touch everything.

Task Lamp

Black Task Lamp

A task lamp is important to ensure that the screen is properly lit. This will be a necessity for the child’s desk/school-space if the room is darker or if they are doing homework/studying at night.

See The Screen Clearly

Sometimes the lesson won’t just be auditory. Sometime a teacher may have prepared a slideshow, PowerPoint, video, demonstration or some other presentation. Your student should be able to see every aspect of the lesson clearly. This means having good lighting and a streak-free screen.

Benjamin’s Recommendations:

Logitech C310 HD Webcam

C310 HD Webcam, 1280 pixels x 720 pixels, 1 Mpixel, Black

This webcam is a great choice for students because it has everything they need to get the job without going over the top. Their teacher or tutor will easily be able to assist and interact with them without splurging on crazy bells and whistles. Plus, if your child has to quarantine or likes to make videos, they can use this webcam to socialize as well.

Take Good Notes

Just because a class is online doesn’t mean that there won’t be traditional aspects of the learning experience involved. Your child will still have to take notes in order to record, understand and retain all the information.

Benjamin’s Recommendations:

FIVE STAR Wire Bound Notebooks, Assorted Colors

Wirebound Notebook, 2 Subjects, College Rule, Assorted Color Covers, 9.5 x 6.5, 100 Sheets

Color-coding is organization 101! Getting notebooks in different colors, one for each school subject, will help your student stay organized in their note-taking.

Ballpoint Pens

Comfort Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen, 1mm, Black Ink, Clear Barrel, Dozen

Your student’s shouldn’t be that kid without a pen even in a virtual class. By having a pack of ballpoint pens on hand, they’ll never be scrambling when they should be note-taking


Stay On Track

A big part of staying on track while learning virtually is adhering to your school schedule. This includes class times, exam dates, project due deadlines, daily homework, etc… Keeping all of this in a calendar and/or planner is the best way to manage it all.

We actually recommend using both!

Benjamin’s Recommendations:

Motivational Desk Calendar

Motivational Panoramic Desk Pad, 22 x 17, Motivational, 2021

Use a desk calendar to write down BIG things, like exams and project due dates. Desk calendars are always in sight so the date of the event doesn’t sneak up on your student. This will help them time manage for these educational moments that take time to prepare for. Plus, the motivational message will be encouraging if your child is struggling with a class.

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner Ruled for Open Scheduling, 8.75 x 6.75, Black, 2021

Personal planners are great for the little things, like homework assignments for each class. By writing this down in a weekly planner, your student can quickly see what’s due immediately.

Benjamin is here to support our students who are making a great effort studying from home. Our wide inventory carries everything your student needs to succeed—and everything the working parent needs too!

Do you have younger children who are being homeschooled?

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