The Benjamin Breakdown: Our Favorite Video Conferencing Platforms & Products

Virtual meetings—they can be a boon or a bane. For the remote worker, they seem like an awesome way to stay connected with your coworkers…until the screen freezes, the audio cuts out, or the picture gets all pixilated like it’s the early 2ks. When you have an important teleconference, that’s some table flipping frustration waiting to happen.


To keep you from becoming an angry Alan Rickman, Benjamin is bringing you our favorite and most reliable platforms and products.

Check these out for a teleconferencing experience as smooth as Michael Jackson on the dance floor.

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Benjamin’s Best Picks: 3 Best Free Online Meeting Software Platforms

1. Zoom

Why We Love It: Great video. Awesome audio. Tons of people at once.


Otherwise known as the conferencing software of choice for the NFL draft, Zoom is one of the most popular meeting platforms. Unless your company needs to reach hundreds of people at once (like the NFL draft), you’ll likely need only the free “Basic” plan. So long as you don’t need to go over 40 minutes on your meetings, you can hold as many conferences as needed with up to 100 people.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Works on any computer or mobile device
  • HD voice & video
  • Screen share
  • “Raise hand”


2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting logo

Why We Love It: Great for small team meetings. Less is more approach. Designed for professionals.

GoToMeeting is designed for businesses, so it’s conferencing features and quality is excellent. The free version doesn’t allow as many participants as other platforms, but some professionals don’t require them. This is why the Free version the choice platform for small businesses or small team meetings.

Some features of the Free version include:

  • Excellent video & audio
  • 40 minute long meetings
  • Up to 3 participants
  • Chat throughout the meeting



Skype logo

Why We Love It: Recognized. Easy to use. Fun texting-like features.

At this point in the game, Skype is almost a household term. One of the original popular teleconferencing platforms, all those kinks you might remember from the early days have been smoothed out. In fact, many businesses use Skype as a standard chat/messaging feature in their daily routine to have real time contact with remote employees.

Features & benefits of Skype:

  • HD audio & video
  • Smart messaging
  • Live subtitles
  • Call recording


The Equipment You Need for Video Conferencing

Once you’ve chosen the best software for your purposes, it’s time to get your gear. Sure, you can just use your computer audio and video, but the quality will be poor and cause glitches. External conferencing supplies amplify your virtual meeting experience for the best results. These are the top three items you should have to conduct meetings professionally and smoothly.

1. Wireless Headset

Why We Love It: A wireless headset lets you move freely (and makes your neck feel a whole lot better!)

CS510 Monaural Over-the-Head Wireless Headset

Whether you’re a note taker, a pacer, or just a gadget geek, wireless headsets are excellent for remote teleconferencing. They improve your audio clarity and free up your hands—hello multitasking and goodbye phone-cradling-neck-cramps. Just going to use your computer or phone audio? Check out the speakers that can get the job done below!

2. Conference/Computer Speaker

Why We Love It: Portable and great sound? You’ll take your meetings to the beach with this one!

Conference Mate Wireless Speaker, Black

If you don’t want to use headsets or have access to a private space for your conferences, you can opt for high-quality computer speakers. These are designed to improve your total audio output, so every word comes through crystal clear. Planning to listen in on a meeting while sitting on the beach (hey—it’s working social distancing after all!)? You can have a meeting anywhere so long as your phone has the appropriate app, and you bring your portable, wireless conference speaker. No matter where you have meetings, make sure you have the resources for total VoiP clarity.

3. HD Web Camera

Why We Love It: This camera loves you, darling! With great picture quality, you’ll be the meeting’s movie star.

C930e HD Webcam, 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels, 2 Mpixels, Black

If your monitor or desktop lacks or has a malfunctioning webcam, be sure to purchase one for your home office. Web cameras attach to the top of your monitor screen, ensuring a natural angle, as if you were truly talking to someone face to face. In fact, many professionals have a web camera in addition to the one already installed on their computer because these provide higher definition images and videos.

Working remotely can be tough. Getting the work supplies you need doesn’t have to be. As your local, Rockville based, office supply company, Benjamin’ll help you get the conferencing clarity and convenience you’ve been craving. We offers fast and FREE delivery on all products, which means that you can get all the teleconferencing tools you need in time for your next meeting.

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