Don’t Miss Andy Stern’s NEW Furniture Blowout Sale

A bookshelf and chairs for sale in Andy Stern's Blowout Sale

Is your business in the District, Maryland or Virginia?
Do you want to update your office with new, fresh off the line furniture?
Do you want to save money in the process?

Then our blowout sale is calling your name

This Sounds Too Good To Be True…

There’s no catch, no smoke and mirrors—just incredible prices on new furniture. Andy Stern’s Office Furniture is the furniture division of Benjamin Office Supply, and this dynamic duo has made excellent partnership with top manufacturers over the years. This trusted relationship has allowed us to bring local businesses, like yours, unheard of prices for brand new office furniture.

Our sale products are constantly changing because they’re moving so fast. This is a first come, first serve sale, and early bird gets the office transformation worm. Like that ergonomic task chair? Maybe that reception couch is exactly what you need? You gotta go for it before someone else does! You’ll be glad that you did.

Why Shop For Office Furniture Now?

Now is perhaps the BEST time to revamp your office interior décor. Why? Because Covid-19 has made a big impact on the world and the way we work with many changes that are here to stay.

  1. Reconfiguring Your Office: If you need to move or update furniture for a better social distancing solution, then why not do it when prices are at their best? Our team offers our reconfiguration service to any business in the DMV Please link to the new reconfiguration landing page. Also, many companies are considering redoing their office for better flexibility. In the event that offices would have to close again in the future, employers want to know that they have the setup to best adapt and readapt. Modern furniture, like the ones we sell and many that are on sale, has been inspired by this pandemic and designed to meet these needs. One investment (and on sale!) now could save you time and frustration in the future.
  2. Redesigning Your Office: With employees out of the office to meet government mandated capacity limitations, you now have the space to finally give your office the facelift its been needing. With the New Year, you can get rid of the old and easily bring in the new for a modern and successful aesthetic. Our team of interior design experts will work with your to bring your vision to life. We’ll prescribe the best furniture options for your space, much of which you can get drastically discounted with our sale! Then, our team will quickly and efficiently install all of it for you. In short: redesigning your office may never be as convenient or affordable as it is right now!
  3. Relocating Your Office: Whether your lease is up or Covid-19 wasn’t the friendliest to your business, you might be looking to relocate your office. When you do, you’ll need to design it with new furniture that fits. When you shop the blowout sale, you can find the items you need at the price that’s best. Our team of installers will help you move it all, too!
  4. Working From Home: What may have seemed like a temporary situation may now be going on indefinitely or even permanently. The newly remote worker needs a home office with reliable furniture they can use for total productivity and ergonomic benefit. Skip the Home Goods fuzzy blue chair and get a proper (discounted) task chair that you can rely on to help you work comfortably for years to come.

There are limited quantities!
So what are you waiting for?

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