Want to minimize slip and fall hazards while also keeping your facility cleaner and more sanitary? Then having high-quality floor matting should be a priority. Whether you’re a school, office, hospital, restaurant, grocery store, or any other type of business or facility where foot traffic comes through your doors, you can benefit tremendously by investing in floor matting.

Why High-Quality Floor Mats Matter

Floor mats are simple additions to your floor space that offer a huge range of benefits. They provide the first line of defense against wet weather, dust, dirt, pathogens, and spills. They add a vital layer of safety and hygiene to your facility. They protect your current flooring. And they also show you’ve thought about the well-being of everyone who walks through your doors, making them a good marketing asset as well. By placing mats on your floors, you can help preserve the floor lifespan by protecting them from damage while also contributing to a healthier and safer environment in your facility.


Safety is always a priority in any facility, and floor matting is an excellent way to help in that department. Floor mats possess natural waterproofing and slip-repelling properties by reducing the accumulation of dirt, dust, and water, which then reduces the risk of slips and falls in areas of high foot traffic, such as entrances and stairwells.

Drainage mats are particularly useful in areas where spills are commonplace, such as in restaurants and locker rooms. They are built to keep water and other liquids from sitting on their surface, thereby maintaining traction in wet and dry conditions and helping to prevent slips and falls as well as bacteria growth.

Cleanliness and Health

Any items brought into your facility on shoes and wheels could carry pathogens that pose a health risk. As we head into the height of flu season, it’s more important than ever that we do what we can to prevent the spread of germs and other pathogens. Floor mats certainly help in this capacity. By capturing potential pathogens tracked in on the soles of shoes, they act as gatekeepers to keep them from entering the building. This also contributes to cleaner air.

If you want a mat specifically built to prevent microbial growth, antimicrobial floor mats are the mat of choice, which is why they are frequently used in medical, educational, food and beverage, and playground facilities. Also good for food and beverage facilities (and for any workspace where people stand for long periods of time) are anti-fatigue mats, which have extra cushion to reduce stress and strain on the feet, legs, and back.


Durable and pliable, floor mats are an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor applications, providing security and ease of maintenance. Unlike other hard surface flooring, floor mats are stain and scratch-resistant and can be easily cleaned with regular detergent, a damp mop, or a vacuum. Furthermore, floor mats require no waxing, polishing, or scrubbing to restore their original finish. Additionally, their lightweight construction allows for easy relocation.

Plus, an added perk for all mats is that they are easy to clean. As a note, when caring for your mats, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and use high-quality disinfectants and soaps to clean and protect them.

Installing floor mats is a breeze: simply place them where needed and leave them be. Keep an eye on them for any signs of wear and tear. When they become too damaged, they can become a hazard themselves, so when you see them looking a little worse for wear, simply replace them.


The floors and carpets of your facility are vulnerable to damage from a range of pollutants, including dust, dirt, and spills, as well as foot traffic and cleaning. High-quality floor mats help your bottom line by protecting your flooring investment while also minimizing the risk of potential injuries from slip-and-fall hazards (as well as of lawsuits and loss of employee productivity arising from them). By trapping dirt and liquid, they allow less of both to come into the building, thereby lowering cleaning expenses and damage to materials. They also provide shock absorption, minimizing the negative impact of accidental drops or damaged equipment.

Provided they are maintained properly, these mats are durable and built to last and will extend the life of your flooring as well.

Eco-Friendly Options

Sustainability high on your priority list? We carry a number of eco-friendly floor matting options.

By strategically placing floor mats at entryways, exit doors, and stairs, you can effectively prevent the transfer of pollutants, liquid, and germs from outdoors into your facility while minimizing safety risks and costs. If you’re serious about safety, hygiene, cost-effectiveness, and the well-being of everyone who walks through your doors, investing in high-quality floor mats is well worth it.

Protect your facility and everyone who enters it. Contact Benjamin Office Supply for your high-quality floor matting needs.

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