The Top 5 Home Office Ergonomic Products

Working from home can be a pain in the neck—literally! You’re doing the same work in the comfort of your home (and in your pajamas nonetheless!), so why do you feel so achy at the end of each day?

Most people working remotely for the first time don’t have the modern office furniture they’d find in their corporate workspace. The furniture you’re used to is likely ergonomic. This means that it’s designed to support your body, prevent musculoskeletal disorders, and give you daily comfort as you work.

Here at Benjamin, we’ve got your back! Check out the top 5 ergonomic products for your new home office!

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1. The Seat of Working Comfort: The Ergonomic Chair

Torch Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair, Supports up to 250 lbs., Black Seat/Black Back, Black Base

You’ve seen the tag lines: Sitting Kills You!…Sitting is the New Smoking! But let’s not be so melodramatic. The science behind these statements is correct, but it’s extensive sitting that’s bad for your health.

We know what you’re thinking, “But I sit all day working!”

Yeah, that’s a hard one to avoid unless you have the right tools, but fear not— Human engineering is on your side! Ergonomic task chairs are designed to combat the side effects of sitting by providing support right where your body needs it. With one of these babies from our furniture division, Andy Stern’s Office Furniture, you can work safely and comfortably in your home office. So long as social distancing lasts and you find yourself working remotely, an ergonomic chair has your back (literally)!

What’s that you say? You’re afraid the chair’s wheels will ruin the floors in your home? There’s an easy solution for that too…

2. The Forgotten Defender: The Chair Mat

Moderate Use Studded Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet, 46 x 60, Rectangular, Clear

It’s true, ergonomic chairs travel an average of eight (8) miles a year just from pushing in and away from your desk (Floortex). That causes a lot of wear and tear. Here’s cost-effective, floor-saving solution you need:

A chair mat. Yup, it’s that simple. Just put a chair mat on the floor, and you can roll your new ergonomic chair over it all day long and your floors stay perfectly in tact. Best of all, they come in different shapes, sizes, and floor compatibilities, so you can choose the best one for your home. Wood, vinyl or tile flooring? No problem. Got carpet? We have chair mats to accommodate any plush level.


3. Raising the Ergonomic Bar: The Sit-Stand Workstation

AdaptivErgo Sit-Stand Lifting Workstation, 35.12w x 31.10d x 19.69h,Black

The ultimate ergonomic product for your home office: the sit-stand workstation.

We’ve already covered how sitting is bad for you, so when you have both an ergonomic chair and this incredible ergonomic workstation, you’ll be working healthy every day. These workstations are engineered to smoothly rise and lower. This way, you can transition from sitting to standing and back again without missing a beat!

But what if my monitor falls off when I adjust the height of the workstation?

No worries! These are designed to be highly durable and balanced, so you never have to worry about your monitor’s safety being compromised. The adjustable tray also allows you to use ergonomic keyboards and mice for total ergonomic efficiency. That’s an all-around win!


4. Give Yourself a Hand: Ergonomic Wireless Keyboards & Mice

MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard + Mouse Combo, 2.4 GHz Frequency/30 ft Wireless

Ever find that while you’re working that your hands and wrists start to ache or feel a little uncomfortable? That’s because standard laptops and keyboards are designed to be compact, and not for you. Your wrists have to bend and cramp to conform to the rectangular design. Working with a built in mouse pad also forces your wrists to bend at awkward angles. Hour after hour, day after day… That’s a recipe for often-irreversible conditions in your hand, like arthritis and carpel tunnel—ouch!

Not so with a wireless keyboard and mouse! These are designed with a more organic shape to better serve your body. No more cramping fingers. No more strained wrists. You also have the freedom to move and position them to your best angle and distance for absolute comfort.


5. Kick Your Feet Up: The Ergonomic Footrest

Soft Cushioned Ergonomic Footrest, 14w x 19.63d x 3.75 to 7.5h, Black

Now that your back is protected, your wrists are comfortable and we’ve got you making healthy alternations between sitting and standing, you’re going to need the finishing touch. Your ergonomic home office simply won’t be complete without a footrest.

Why do you need it, you ask?

Because chances are your sitting posture at the computer is down right horrible! You probably have your legs crossed, feet up against the back of your desking space, or even the one-foot-up-on- the-chair look happening even as you read this article. An ergonomic footrest adjusts to the height you need so your feet stay flat on the “floor”—where they belong! When you combine your ergonomic setup with a footrest, you’ll have the ideal posture while you work, and your body will feel so much better.

From the corporate office to your new home workspace, Benjamin Office Supply is dedicated to bringing you the best work experience possible. With these essential ergonomic home office products, you’ll work healthily and comfortably each and every day. Plus, our customers always enjoy nationwide delivery with no minimums. Want more? Check out our blog for more work from home essentials!

It’s easy to order everything you need to work comfortably and efficiently wherever your office is. We’ve got it all in our convenient online store.

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