Pop Quiz

Question: What’s the best protective solution for:

  • Pharmacists
  • Cashiers
  • Bank tellers
  • Receptionists
  • Employees
  • And YOU?

ANSWER: Deflecto Protective Barriers

Why are they so great, you ask? Knights of old used to carry shields into battle against an enemy. These barriers are shields that help you to win the war on germs. Protective barriers block airborne microorganisms in water droplets from entering a workspace. This means that when an employee works behind a barrier, their protection from infection Covid-19 and the Flu. Made of acrylic and polycarbonate material, these barriers are highly durable, shatterproof, and easy to clean and disinfect. With one of these babies, customers and guests can get as close as possible without compromising the health of the professional sitting behind it. (Best of all, they’re going to be one of the biggest trends of 2021…)

Hanging Barriers

Hanging barriers are protection from on high! They sit low enough to protect the face of the professional but leave enough space to pass items back and forth.

Who they’re best for: Pharmacists and other professionals who need to pass bulky objects, like post office workers, customers and patients.


Polycarbonate Hanging Barrier, 36″ x 24”



Acrylic Hanging Barrier, 23.75″ x 23.75”


Countertop Barriers

Ridiculously easy to use, these barriers just sit on top of any desk or counter. Just place them where you need them and reap the protective benefits!

Countertop barriers are also very good for use in conference rooms particularly if we put a pass through slot at the bottom. We have sold them to several law firms that perform closings at their tables and have put a row of countertop barriers (with pass through slots) down the length of the table.

Who they’re best for: Office receptionists, bank tellers, conference rooms and to divide shared desking space by employees.

A Benjamin Countertop Barrier Case Study:

Several of our customers are law firms. Even during Covid-19, businesses were signing contracts, new houses were being closed on, and court cases were settled. When an electronic signature wouldn’t do, they need a safe way to sign documents in their offices. So what’s a lawyer to do?

Fortunately, Benjamin’s workplace savviness came to the rescue! We provided them with countertop barriers with document slots to put on their conference room tables. The law firms were able to provide their services to clients with the protection of these barriers, and you can too!


Acrylic Counter Top Barrier with Pass Thru, 27″ x 6″ x 23.75”



Polycarbonate Counter Top Barrier with Full Shield and Feet, 31″ x 14″ x 23”


Mounted Barriers

For maximum protection and durability, choose mounted barriers. These suckers attach to your workstation surface and won’t move until it’s time to take them down (likely when a vaccine for COVID-19 comes out…). Guests and customers can tap and bump and bang on them all they want, but this barrier will hold true!

Mounted barriers are also good for reception stations, particularly busy reception areas like doctors’ offices and health clinics.

Who they’re best for: Cashiers in grocery & retail stores; Receptionists in health clinics & doctors’ offices.


Polycarbonate Mounting Safety Barrier with Full Shield, 23.75″ x 31.75″



Acrylic Mounting Safety Barrier with Side Pass Thru, 23.75″ x 31.75″



Polycarbonate Mounting Safety Barrier with Pass Thru, 31.5″ x 38″


See? No matter which industry you’re in, there’s a Delfecto protective barrier for you! When you use these and ensure that your employees are using “Covid-19 kits” at their workstations. you have the ultimate set up. These are just a taste of the many sizes Benjamin Office Supply has available. We’ll ship these barriers to any business in the DMV on the double— so don’t wait and risk infection! Shield up your employees today for a safer working experience until we beat this virus for good.

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