Stop Illness from Spreading in the Office with Benjamin’s Favorite Antimicrobial Office Supplies


Covid 19. The flu. Colds. Allergies…Ewww. No matter what time of year, it seems like there’s always something going around that brings germs into the office. In such a fishbowl environment, coworkers need to stay on their toes to prevent the spread of illness.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking:

What more can we possibly do to stop germs in the office?!

The answer: Use antimicrobial office supplies!


What’s the Difference Between Normal Office Supplies and Antimicrobial Office Supplies?

With normal office supplies, each time a person uses something, like a stapler or pen, germs are transferred from the hand to the piece. That stapler now becomes a breeding ground for those germs. The next person who touches it now has all those yucky microorganisms on their hand. If they then touch their face…it’s game over.

Antimicrobial office supplies are simply office supplies with germ-fighting coating. This coating prevents the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, so you can use office supplies cleanly. Yup, it’s that simple: you can slow and inhibit the spread of germs just by switching up your office supplies.

Here are Benjamin Office Supply’s Top 10 Favorite Antimicrobial Office Supplies


  • 1. Antimicrobial Stapler

    Antimicrobial 130-Sheet Heavy-Duty Stapler, 130-Sheet Capacity, Black,

    Keep it all together while you work with a heavy-duty stapler. Not only can it handle big tasks, but it protects the user as well!

  • 2. Ergonomic Antimicrobial Keyboard

    Ergonomic Split-Design Keyboard w/Antimicrobial Protection, 105 Keys, Black,

    Antimicrobial protection isn’t the only benefit of this keyboard. Its ergonomic design ensures that you work healthy for your musculoskeletal system as well. No more cramped wrists and fingers with this one!

  • 3. Antimicrobial File Folders

    Top Tab File Folders with Antimicrobial Product Protection, 1/3-Cut Tabs, Letter Size, Manila, 100/Box

    Files are constantly being rifled through and stored in dark cabinets, which means germs love them. Not so with filing folders that have antimicrobial protection. Germs from dirty hands don’t stand a chance.

  • 4. Antimicrobial Desk Pad

    KrystalView Desk Pad with Antimicrobial Protection, 24 x 19, Clear

    Let’s face it— you touch your desk more than anything else in the office, making it a breeding ground for microorganisms. By using an antimicrobial desk pad, you can protect your work surface and yourself from germs.

  • 5. Antimicrobial Secure Reception Pen

    Secure-A-Pen Antimicrobial Ballpoint Counter Pen Kit with Round Base and 24

    Visitors have to sign in at the reception desk and the administrative professional has to sign for package deliveries. Stop both germs & pen thieves with this antimicrobial pen that secures to the reception desk surface.

  • 6. Gel Antimicrobial Wrist Rest

    Gel Antimicrobial Wrist Rest, Black

    What’s better than an ergonomic wrist rest that makes your hands feel better? One that’s designed to help keep you healthy!

  • 7. Antimicrobial Scissors 8”

    Scissors with Antimicrobial Protection, 8

    Cut germs out of the picture with antimicrobial scissors. No matter how often you have them in your hand, these scissors won’t allow the bacteria on your hand to remain on their surface.

  • 8. Antimicrobial Calculator

    1100-3A Antimicrobial Compact Desktop Calculator, 10-Digit LCD

    This antimicrobial calculator takes germs out of the equation. Your administrative professional, sales team, and the accountant can use this all day long without fear of spreading germs.

  • 9. Antimicrobial Binder

    Clean Touch Locking Round Ring Reference Binder Protected w/Antimicrobial Additive, 3 Rings, 2

    Binders are excellent organizational tools. Unfortunately, every time they’re pulled off the shelf bacteria gets transferred to and from their surface. With antimicrobial protection, you can organize, pull, and store all day long with minimal risk of germ contamination.

  • 10. Antimicrobial Adjustable Hole Puncher

    160-Sheet Antimicrobial Protected Adjustable Punch, 9/32

    In order to put your documents into an antimicrobial binder, you’ll need a hole puncher. Hole punchers are one of the most commonly shared pieces of office supplies by coworkers. Protect each other by choosing one with antimicrobial coating.

Antimicrobial products might seem futuristic, but they’ve actually been around for quite some time. You can stop the spread of germs and illness in your office simply by swapping out old “normal” office supplies for their superhero antimicrobial cousins. Don’t forget: when the cooler months roll around, you’ll have to be prepared to combat Covid-19 and the Flu. They’re proven to work, so can you really afford not to have them in your workplace? Here at Benjamin, we want everyone to work healthy and conveniently. With our desktop delivery, we’ll bring your online purchased office supplies exactly where you need them—and there’s never a minimum order!

Aren’t you ready to step it up in your fight against germs?

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