The Key to a Great 2023

An Exciting Start to a Prosperous New Year

If you’re like us, you remember the thrill of going back to school after a long break with a backpack full of shiny new school supplies still in their boxes. Revisit that childhood joy of new beginnings as you embrace the New Year with Benjamin Office Supplies. Unparalleled prices and customer service will have you feeling like a kid again.

Purchasing doesn’t have to be a chore. By sourcing all your needs from one vendor we offer you the chance to save time, money, and, let’s face it, sanity. We offer an enormous catalog of products and services while staying small and local enough to make it personal and focus on your business’s individual needs. You can’t get that kind of attention from a big box store, and our prices can’t be beaten.

Start fresh in 2023 with Benjamin.

Proud to Be of Service

Benjamin Team Posing for a picture

At Benjamin, the personal touch is what makes us, well, Us. We are proud to be a small, local business that is always able to offer person-to-person contact when you need us. With an average of 20+ years on the job, our account executives have the knowledge you need and the experience to apply it. We are standing by to answer your questions and resolve your problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No waiting, no machines, no delay in getting you the help you need.

Office Design – Step by Step

Whether your business is moving into a new space or reconfiguring your old home, Benjamin Office helps optimize your space, burnish your brand, and set employees up for success.

Our Process:

  1. We take time to get to know you and your business. What do you want from your workplace? What message do you want it to send to visitors? How should employees feel as they come in every morning?
  2. We survey and precisely measure your space and recreate it in our CAD software.
  3. With your input at every step, we create an aesthetic geared towards your business and select furniture appropriate to your budget.
  4. Using the CAD scale representation, we populate and design your office so that you can “see it with your own eyes” before approval.
  5. With floor plans in hand we procure, deliver, and install your new office!

Andy Stern’s, Our Brother in (Chair) Arms

To satisfy all your office needs we turn to Andy Stern’s Office Furniture, our invaluable furniture department. Our inventory can upgrade your office piece by piece or furnish a complete overhaul from the ground up. Whether you need one or one hundred, Andy Stern’s is your partner for success.

Level-up Your Breakroom

A breakroom that rejuvenates employees is the key to a productive office. Wholesome snacks and drinks provide workers with power and focus throughout the day. With our Desktop Delivery, we’ll bring the best food and beverages directly to your breakroom. Don’t get caught with an empty cupboard, we’ll keep you stocked with fresh fruit, baked goods, even your favorite frozen treats.

Keep Clean, Stay Safe

In recent years cleanliness and safety have become inextricably linked, making effective and efficient janitorial supplies a must-have for every business, whether incubating in a garage or operating in a skyscraper. With Benjamin and the right stock of equipment and supplies, cleanliness can be just as easy as it is important.

Industrial Safety & Compliance

No workplace is accident or injury proof. Maintaining OSHA compliance isn’t just the law, it’s the right thing to do. Keeping your employees and customers safe is always a priority, and with our wide range of protective equipment, safety supplies, signage, and first aid products, it’s never been easier. Have safety delivered to your door, with Benjamin.

Food Service Disposables

Whether you’re a restaurant with a thriving takeout business or just an office with a busy breakroom, we offer sustainable versions of key items the food service industry relies on. Perfect for cafeterias, convenience stores, delis, cafes, and anyone anywhere who wants to serve food and protect the planet at the same time.

FSD Items made from renewable resources include:Hot and Cold Cups

  • Bowls and Plates
  • Hinged-Lid Containers
  • Trays
  • Cutlery
  • PLA, Sugarcane, Molded Fiber, Plant Starch, Renewable, and Compostable Options
  • Aluminum To-Go Containers and Lids
  • Aluminum Steam Table Pans and Lids

Office Supplies, Of Course

We know, we know. It’s right there in our name, but we’re still going to talk about it because it’s our favorite subject: office supplies! Give your employees the tools they need (or sometimes just prefer!) to succeed and watch productivity blossom. We want to be your one and only stop for office supplies, and with everything from pens and paper to sit-stand desks and webcams, we will be.

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