A Rejuvenating Breakroom for a Vibrant Office

A Rejuvenating Breakroom for a Vibrant Office

A healthy breakroom has many benefits to your office’s productivity and morale. Studies show that employees who take short breaks throughout the day are less stressed and more productive than those who take fewer breaks, or none at all. Providing a welcoming, comfortable space for employees to relax is an easy way to promote constructive rest among your team members.

Here are a few tips for giving your workplace the breakroom guaranteed to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Must-Have Breakroom Appliances

Employees look for three things in the perfect breakroom:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Caffeine!

With that in mind, here are some of the must-have appliances for keeping your workers satisfied.

Coffee is Key

When we feel tired and unproductive, many of us reach for coffee. Providing employees with the equipment to brew their own coffee keeps people motivated without forcing them to leave the office and spend money. Keeping breaks in-house leads to shorter breaks and higher productivity.

Coffee machines vary greatly depending on the size of your office. But whether you choose a single-cup machine, a traditional brewing pot, or large, free-standing brewers to serve big offices and large meetings, your employees will always know where to get that extra boost.

Hydration Station

Just as important as coffee, access to refreshing water is a must-have for any office. Whether you provide bottled water, canned seltzer, or a dedicated water bottle filling station, the easier you make it for employees to stay hydrated and the healthier they’ll be. Physical health contributes to mental health and productivity, and that all starts with a sip of water.

The addition of a humble electric kettle turns your hydration station into a stimulating tea shop for those who prefer to get their caffeine from Earl Grey or want to rehydrate with a warm mug of herbal tea.

It’s Heating Up

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to get excited about microwaves. But when it comes to giving employees control over their breaks, there’s nothing quite as useful as a clean, powerful microwave. Employees are able to enjoy hot meals on their schedule, heat beverages (if

someone is already using the kettle), and give new life to sandwiches, soups, and leftovers.

Keeping It Cool

In the breakroom environment, refrigerator space is at a premium. Consider a dedicated minifridge for canned beverages, freeing up space in the larger fridge for meals and snacks.

Furniture for the Breakroom

Furniture is a major component to making your breakroom a comfortable space for employees to unwind. Providing space for socializing is important and can be accomplished by a simple table and chairs. But don’t assume everyone wants to talk during their break; individual spaces for solo lunches are important too.

A variety of furniture heights and sizes, like stools and high tables, make it so that every employee can find a comfortable set-up for their break, meal, or pick-me-up. Whenever possible, use modular, mobile furniture to create a flexible space. This keeps your breakroom ready for everyday use and prepared for special occasions like birthdays and celebrations.

What You Want, Sent to Where You Are

At Benjamin Office Supply, we know that a productive office needs high quality fuel to keep it running. That’s why we offer Desktop Delivery, a fast, reliable way to get exactly what you need exactly where you need it. We make it easy for you to keep everyone happy and productive by providing high-quality snacks and drinks with free, next day delivery.

It’s simple to find healthy, convenient, single-serve snacks that are perfect for the workplace. Just order online with all your other workplace essentials and fill your breakroom with:

  • Baked Goods
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Veggies & Dip
  • Dairy Products
  • Pizza!
  • Breakfast Options
  • Snacks & Sweets

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