It’s All About The Benjamin’s Baby!

For two generations, the Benjamin team has served local businesses in the DMV. Over the years, we’ve consistently sought out new and better ways to serve valued customers—like you! It’s with great pleasure that we unveil our latest advancement yet:

The NEW Benjamin Office Supply Website!

What’s So Great About Our New Site?

Fast, convenient and easy to use. Our new website is designed for you. Check out some of our favorite features, designed to make your procurement process easier than ever:

  • Easy Navigation to Our Product & Services Page

    We provide everything for your office. Don’t believe us? See a clear overview of all that we do. Browse through categories and pages with ease to understand the Benjamin Difference

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Our Services

    Desktop Delivery. Interior Design & Furniture. Ordering Online. Markets & Areas Served

    Sounds nice, but what does it all mean? Transparency and ease of use are two main values here at Benjamin. When you navigate to these pages (or any on our new site) you can find easy explanations of our business solutions.

  • Contacting Us is Easier Than Ever

    We’ve always prided ourselves on our accessibility to our customers. Our new site makes it easier to find the information you’re looking for. Speak directly with Benjamin executives and have your questions promptly answered.

  • Get Up To Date Information

    Not only will our new website inform you of new products, services, and promotions our company might have, but our new blog (link to main blog page) is powerhouse of workplace information!

    We’ll share with you our insider insight on the latest trends in office design, office ergonomics, and supplies comparison. We’ll teach you procurement tips & tricks, as well as supplies hacks & ideas for around the workplace. You can also learn more about your local Rockville community, the benefits of supporting local businesses and spotlights on Benjamin team members you’ve come to rely on.

  • And it looks awesome, too!

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our new site for yourself:

About the author

Daniel Benjamin Daniel joined Benjamin Office Supply in 2014 as the Director of Business Development. Now Benjamin’s 2nd President, Daniel is leading Benjamin into its next chapter. Over the past 6 years, Daniel has worked to create a new go-to market strategy, open a new Benjamin headquarters, and passionately serve new and existing customers. Daniel holds a degree in Management from the University of Indiana. His favorite office product is the Blue Pilot G207 Seven. Daniel has a love of chicken fingers and the 2014 film Chef, a comedy-drama about a chef that starts a food truck with his son after losing his job at a popular restaurant.

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